Communal Baths

In the great tradition of Japanese public baths, Temple Leaf’s communal bath is designed to encourage harmony and relaxation. Facilities include ahot pool, cold plunge, dry sauna, and steam room. Individual bathing areas include traditional Japanese-seated bathing areas and standing western-style showers. You are welcome to enjoy the complimentary bath products, sea salts, chilled face cloths, and teas. The communal baths include a full-time bathing attendant.

* Please turn off and store your cell phone and other electronics. Allow this time to be about disconnecting.

* Keep your locker key with you at all times.

* It is traditional to shower before using the pools

* You may begin with the dry sauna or the steam room

* Reinvigorate with the cold pool

* Rest, relax, and rehydrate

* Complete the ritual with a soak in the hot pool

The communal baths is a peaceful, quiet time for people to reconnect withtheir spirits. Please help maintain the contemplative atmosphere of the bathing area with respect and quiet.

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